Budgetary institution Šiauliai Tourism Information Center
Vilniaus st. 213-90, LT-76348 Šiauliai


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Briefly about the route
6 km
8 h.
Route surface
95% Asphalt
5% Dirt road

Don’t run about and visit TOP objects in Šiauliai – you won’t regret it.

1. St Apostles Peter and Paul’s Cathedral – the tallest tower in Lithuania (70 meters) adorns the Renaissance masterpiece, which after the visit of Pope John Paul II to Šiauliai in 1993 received the name of the cathedral.

2. Sun Dial Square – in Šiauliai, you will inevitably see the highest sundial (18 meters) in Lithuania: it shines with gold and invites to sit down and rest in the amphitheatre.

3. Sculpture “The Iron Fox” – recorded in Lithuania’s Book of Records as the largest animal sculpture in Lithuania. “The Iron Fox” is known even abroad. If you haven’t been at the fox – you haven’t been in Šiauliai.

4. The Cats Museum – a cat can be a director only in Šiauliai and only in the Cats Museum. Have a look at his estates – an abundant collection and a nearby Wildlife Garden.

5. Chaim Frenkel’s villa-museum – surrounded by fragrant roses, built in the Art Nouveau style, the shining villa is the only such in the Baltic States. Life is still going at full speed here – exhibitions, concerts and workshops are held.

6. Šiauliai boulevard – not an avenue or an alley but one such unique Šiauliai boulevard filled with street art, small architecture and volumetric advertising. Relax, get acquainted, meet only on Šiauliai boulevard, which you can admire from above from the roof terrace of the Photography Museum.

7. "Rūta" Chocolate Museum is definitely the sweetest museum in Northern Lithuania. This is a great trip from ancient Aztecs to modern flavours.

8. “The Cents Room” – we are joking that this is the room pasted with the most expensive wallpaper: there are as many as 1000 euros on the walls; true, everything is made from Lithuanian cents.

9. The Venclauskiai house-museum – the Venclauskiai family house of dazzling whiteness has long been called the White House. So, you will not have to travel across the Atlantic to see the luxury and legacy of local nobility life.

10. The Botanical Garden is an oasis of colours and tranquillity in the city of the Sun. In summer, as many as 260 rhododendron species burst into bloom, attracting crowds of curious people, and the garden’s pride is the rock garden – the largest in the Baltic States, with as many as 1000 plant species.



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