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“Rūta” sweet factory, which has been attracting passers-by by sweet scents of chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts and boiled berries for nearly one hundred years, opened the doors of its old building for visitors in 2012. Namely here, in the old factory building, “Rūta” Chocolate museum was founded.

The museum exposition presents both an interesting history of the factory and opens up secrets and peculiarities of chocolate consumption, lasting four millennia. It becomes clear in the museum, where “chocolate trees” grow, how chocolate was produced by the Maya and Aztecs, and how its consumption traditions were changing over centuries. The museum tells its visitors about first Lithuanian chocolate factories in Lithuania and “Rūta” sweet factory, which has been operating longest in the country.

The museum offers interactive sessions: one can take a picture here and send the picture or a designed sweet wrapper to friends via e-mail, play various games.

Having booked the educational session “The Sweet Lab”, visitors become masters of chocolate for a short while. Having watched the production process of chocolates for several minutes, the participants of the sugary workshop can try to produce chocolate goodies themselves and taste them right there. Those who want to learn more about chocolate and its combinations, can attend themed chocolate and sweets tasting.

The museum is neighboured by the historical “Rūta” sweet shop, located in the premises which housed the old sweet shop of the factory during the interwar period too. The shop offers a wide variety for those who want to bring fairings: an abundance of chocolates with various fillings, drops, soufflé and jelly sweets, chocolate figures, sugar-free or organic products, culinary heritage and souvenir sets.

The fun excursion is followed by the hospitable welcome of “Rūta” cafe. This is the right place to relax in pleasant surroundings, sip chocolate, acorn coffee or other drinks, taste exquisite desserts or have a snack.