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Vilniaus st. 213-90, LT-76348 Šiauliai

Facts and figures

Šiauliai is a city in northern Lithuania. Šiauliai is also called the city of the Sun. Šiauliai dates back to the Battle of the Sun that took place on September 22, 1236.

Population: according to the preliminary data of the Department of Statistics of Lithuania, in the beginning of 2019, the population of Šiauliai municipality was 100,693. Registered number of unemployed population in July of 2019 was 3508 residents. The percentage of the unemployed in the working age population (DAG) was 5,6%.

Territory: urban area is 81,13 sq. km. The green areas constitute 18,87 sq. km; water areas, 12,78 sq. km.

Industry and investments: currently, two areas of greenfield for investments are formed in Šiauliai. These are Šiauliai Industrial Park (about 52 ha) and Šiauliai Free Economic Zone (133 ha).

At the beginning of 2018, there were 4072 operating economic entities in Šiauliai. There are 6 economic entities with more than 500 employees in Šiauliai city.

Language: Lithuanian

Religion: Roman Catholic

Authority: Mayor

Currency: Euro

Time zone: GMT + 2, GMT + 3 (summer)

Climate: average air temperature in January is -7°C; in July, +18°C; annual precipitation is 538,5 mm


• to the capital Vilnius – 214 km

• to Kaunas – 142 km

• to Klaipėda – 165 km

• to Riga – 128 km

• to Kaliningrad – 250 km