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Briefly about the route
5 km
7 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt

Balanced for children, but also suitable for adults.

1. Sculpture “Three Gnomes”. These three gnomes are kids’ best friends! Why? They are always smiling, playing with children and are very much looking forward to taking pictures with them!

2. Šiauliai streets zoo. Those who counted, totalled over 100 animals on the streets of the city of the Sun: foxes, bears, butterflies, an exotic chameleon.

3. Baltic Culture Education Centre "Balts‘ Road". Would you like to touch a real Baltic spear? Would you be able to put together a map of the Balts’ tribes? The first interactive Baltic culture promotion centre in Lithuania and Latvia, the Balts’ Road, promotes to travel and get to know the wealth and heritage of the Baltic tribes. Take a photo to remember – there are as many as several games in the centre, which will introduce you not only to the Balts’ activities but also to the everyday life of those times. Give it a try!

4. Fountain in Resurrection Square. Colours, rhythm, pleasant refreshment – this is what you will get in summer when you visit the fountain built in the very city centre. Will you be able to stay dry?

5. The shore of Lake Talkša. On the shore, don’t miss the opportunity to play in the children’s playground, walk an impressive seven-circuit labyrinth made of field stones, take a photo at “The Iron Fox”. There is plenty of space for entertainments and afternoon nap.

6. The Equestrian Centre of Young Naturalists. At the equestrian centre, all who love active rest can not only ride on horseback, go for a ride, but also attend training or sports groups, spend weekends with horses, learn to look after them, participate in organised competitions and festivities.

7. The Cats Museum and the Wildlife Garden. Although cats like to walk alone, there are as many as 4000 of them in this museum, and six of them purr and allow to be stroked. By the way, one of the cats – Pearl – is the director. The neighbouring Wildlife Garden will interest you in talking parrots and unexpectedly large snails.

8. “The Orphanage Garden” of the Venclauskiai house-museum. The cosy family garden attracts little ones like a magnet – swings, a playground and a space for chasing.


9. “Rūta” Chocolate Museum. Sweets are joy for every child, so visit “Rūta” Chocolate Museum by all means. You will dive into a 4000-year history of chocolate, find out where “chocolate trees” grow, see how sweet wrappers were changing, and draw your own one.

10. Šiauliai Railway Museum. Like in a fairy tale, an old locomotive, a narrow-gauge carriage and a rare opportunity to occupy an engine-driver’s place await you, whereas a huge model of railway receives a lot of admiration whoops.


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