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Briefly about the route
3.5 km
45 min.
Route surface
100% Asphalt
1% Dirt road
1% Forest path

Šiauliai can boast of many distinctive museums and the only “zoo” on the streets. Animals have “lived” here for many years, and stories are created about them. Discover them! Visit the Cats Museum, the Wildlife Garden, the Equestrian Centre, drop in the centre The Balts’ Road. When you visit the TIC, pick up a paper version of the game.

1. Chameleon (Sculpture Chameleon). We live the way we want. We live upside down. Well, so far, I’m the only one hanging upside down, but I don’t care. It’s more fun to look at everything this way. Oh, here come three elves, and the mother, and the girl with a pipe. It’s fine here in the winter too, and when the sun shines more brightly, the shade of the maple tree keeps me from overheating.

2. Chimeras (Sculpture Chimeras). Oh, my dearest dear! For so many years everyone has been calling us monkeys. For so many years! Those who used to go to the bank for money and those who used to fly on the wings of Pegasus. Few people know our real name. As long as we are here – the two of us – we will continue to dreamily follow with our eyes those walking down the boulevard.

3. Snake (Artistic accent Snake). Hiss. Hiss. Hey, where are you going? Are you healthy? Are you ill? What are you doing? Hiss. Hiss. I am spinning here, I am here, I’ve been here for a long time. Hiss. Hiss. I won’t bite, don’t run. Hiss. Are you healthy? Where are you running?

4. Horselet (Baltic Culture Education Centre The Balts’ Road). I am a horselet, I gallop along the valleys and tracks, remembering the ancestors and visiting the highest hillforts.

5. Butterflies (Drawing 80 Butterflies). Oh butterfly, what beautiful wings you have. Where did you fly from? What show did you run away from? Join us, as many as 80 of us adorn the theatre wall. Well, will you join?

6. Swallows (Artistic accent Two Swallows). My love, I give you my heart! And also, this shining heart that was specially designed for you by the jeweller. Be with me forever! We, the living scissors of the sky, let us fly to a life full of love together!

7. Pelicans (Fountain Pelicans). How good it is for us to splash in the fountain in the summer, and they also turned on the lights! Maybe it’s not bad at all that the wicked witch cast a spell on us and we stayed here. What do you think?

8. Cock (City Clock Cock). At five o’clock in the morning, my voice is like a trumpet! It would be if I wasn’t counting hours in the city centre. And now at 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. I say “Welcome to Šiauliai” to everyone in different languages and I also invite you to a date!

9. An ox and a bear in the coat of arms (The coat of arms of Šiauliai city). “Well, what language will we speak? Samogitian? We have been hung up so high that we are closer to God. What do you think, ox? Is everything okay? I, as a big big bear, can tell you heartily that we look good and great in that coat of arms. What do you think?”

10. Crayfish (Artistic accent Crayfish). My friends are messing around in Lake Talkša, but I’m here, on the boulevard, and I’m tempted to pinch someone. It’s really not painful, don’t be scared!

11. Falcon (Drawing Sharp Eye of the Falcon). “I take pictures with my eyes. I can also scratch with a nail if you want to make it more memorable. I still follow with my eyes those leaving the city hall. Others like me have already disappeared from the walls, but I’m holding on with my nails. And I will be. I will not fly away.”

12. Cats (Artistic accent Cats). “Streaky cat, where are you running? Wait for us too, wait! Be careful not to slide off the roof! There’ll be enough valerian for everyone! Streaky, wait!”

13. Birds (Fountain Three Birds). All in couples but the three of us are inseparable friends: we flew back home and are waiting for the moment when we can play in the splashing fountain again. Summer, when will you come?

14. Fox (Sculpture The Iron Fox). I am the biggest in Lithuania, my eyes glow at night. I see the most beautiful sunrises, I receive lots of guests. I’ve been reigning here for over 10 years and will be here for a long time to come!

15. Cats (The Cat Museum). Hello, hello, I’m the director Pearl, come in, scratch my ear. Look how many friends of mine are collected here, meow, read how other nations call a cat. Meow. Do you have a tasty bite for me?

16. Horses (Šiauliai Equestrian Centre of Young Naturalists). Trotting through life, through meadows and valleys. The saddle doesn’t prevent me from feeling free, come watch us trotting, we will surely say hello to you!


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