Budgetary institution Šiauliai Tourism Information Center
Vilniaus st. 213-90, LT-76348 Šiauliai


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Briefly about the route
18 km
6 h.
Route surface
95% Asphalt
5% Dirt road

To touch, eat, smell, hear – what senses can Šiauliai offer? You won’t believe it, but here one can even travel by a time machine and the elixirs of youth are sold. Fantasies? You check.

1. Smell out roses in the rose garden of Ch. Frenkel’s villa-museum. Is the rose as tall and beautiful as the president who planted it? How many aromas of roses can you remember and distinguish? Which – red or yellow roses – have a stronger scent? To test the smell, the rosarium of 1000 roses in Chaim Frenkel’s villa park attracts bees and ladies with scents and colours all summer long

2. Need the elixir of youth? The elixir of youth is produced by women in workshops organized by the pharmacy “Valerijonas”, and they want to share their knowledge with others.

3. Come on a date. Want to live like the locals at least for a short time? At 12 p.m. and 6 p.m., we invite you to a date at the “Cock” clock. You will first hear a greeting in 14 world languages, and then, a piece of music.

4. Hello, chocolate master. Chocolate masters work in Šiauliai and they want to show what they can do; so, a visit to “Rūta” Chocolate Museum can also become a great lesson: how to mix, taste and sense chocolate.

5. Play the game and take the game home. If you played “home” as a child, you can now play “Šiauliai”. It is an easy board game that you will find spread on the boulevard in the summer, and the paper version will be given as a gift by Šiauliai TIC.


6. An evening party at “Juonė pastogė”. The evening party? Oh yes! At one of the oldest, most authentic places in Šiauliai. The music group “Jonis” invites everyone to their home to dance, sing and make friends under their roof. The group “Vairas” also gives concerts here, singing their popular song “Riešute, riešute…”

7. Relax in the Botanical Garden. And now, leave your shoes, dance on the grass, swing in the hammock and find the Edelweiss flower on one of the largest rock gardens.

8. You lacked romance or sharp feelings? If you can’t fly because the wings don’t grow, harness wind in Lake Rėkyva and go ahead to carve the sky. If you lack courage, sit back on the shore and enjoy the view: colours, manoeuvres and water splashes. The sunsets by Lake Rėkyva are recognized as the most romantic, so don’t miss the sight.

9. Discover the 90s on the tour “Chronicles of the Southern area”. It is more than a journey through time, it is a journey through experiences, feelings, and the twists of nostalgia. You will no longer get bruises in the Southern area, but you may still be held liable for arguing.

10. Buy kvass and non-alcoholic beer straight from a barrel. Someone told of times when kvass used to be poured out of a big wheeled barrel? Well, in Šiauliai, the freshest kvass will be poured from the barrel rolled straight from the brewery “Gubernija” – the oldest operating enterprise in Lithuania. That sweetness, freshness of it. You want more and more.



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