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The Angel’s museum was opened for city residents and guests on September 6, 2014. The non-governmental museum exhibits Rytis Milkintas’ private angel collection, which was collected during more than ten years. It all started from childhood with the porcelain angel, given for him as a present by his grandfather. At the moment, that porcelain angel is with the broken winglet but occupying an honourable place in one of the showcases. Currently the exhibition consists of 495 angels from 26 countries of the world: they are given as a present, bought, brought as souvenirs from various countries. The angels are made of clay, glass, porcelain, stone, metal, wood, straws. Visitors can rejoice at angels-dolls. A share of exhibits is counting more than one decade.

The exposition is decorated by works of old craftsmen, accompanied by angels made by M. Gaubas, A. Teresius, A. Vagnorius, R. Pilibavičius, occupying a respectable place. The museum exhibits wood sculptures of the museum founder Rytis Milkintas, who currently is the youngest Lithuanian folk artist. Most of exhibits can both be admired and touched.

The museum offers educational programs adapted for children of all ages, ranging from pre-school learners to senior pupils. At the moment there are 8 educational programs: “Easter Egg”, “My Guardian Angel”, “National Heritage – Toys from Straws”, “Angel of Flax Fiber”, “Seasonal Card”, “Sculptor’s Profession, Realia and Opportunities”, “Press Prohibition Period, Formation of National Consciousness”’, “Influence of Sociality on the Creator”, “Preservation of National Identity in Wood Carving”.