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The Stone, referred to as the Ramytės Altar, stands on the fields in Daukoniu Village in Pakalniškiu Eldership in the territory of Radviliškis District Municipality. The Stone was included in the Register of Cultural Values of Lithuania on 13 January 1999 and it was assigned a unique object code: 13126.

According to archaeologist Libertas Klimka, who has been researching the historical Raginenai area, the groove - cut out over the entire top part of Ramytes Altar shows that it was used not only for offering sacrifices but for viziering, i.e. the ancient determination of the seasons based on observation of movement of the celestial bodies. The cut out in the Stone is directed towards the hill located near Raginenai Mound where barrows used to be installed in the 2nd - 3rd century AD. 105 degree in azimuth corresponds to Sunrise in the end of April and in the beginning of September. The first date is associated with the first bed celebration, which is considered important in the Baltic mythology, and the second one is associated with birds migrating South. It is important to mention that Ramytes Altar stands on the bank of the Rivulet Ramyte the name of which is associated with the sacral purpose of the Stone.

It is said that during the ancient times virgin maidens -priestesses, used to stoke the fire near the stone in the holy forest in a location difficult to reach, meanwhile the old oracle - the priest, used to offer the sacrifices brought by the people on the stone in order to pacify the wrath of the Gods.