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Šiauliai city

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Šiauliai cinema museum tells its visitors about the film making process, tools, authors, history of cinema in the city, events that took place in Šiauliai. Exhibits include various film cameras, film projectors, film developing products, film documents, posters and trophies. The vast majority of exhibits are dated between 1945-1990. There is a cinema theatre for film reviews (the hall is decorated with A. Ščiukas’ pseudo stained glass, which has survived since Soviet times).

Šiauliai cinema museum offers its visitors a small 50-seat hall, where they can watch movies in various formats. One can see old archive films created in Šiauliai since 1958 till these times. First-run movies, meetings with directors, retrospective programs take place here.

The time of the visit must be agreed in advance.