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Manors, Siauliai

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The old Šiauliai estate existed since the 16th century, but its exact location is unknown. The beginning of construction of the manor in the current place is related to A. Tyzenhauzas’ activities in Šiauliai. In the second half of the18th century, growing significance of the city as an administrative centre necessitated new prestigious residence for the administrator of Šiauliai economy. The construction of the manor started at the end of the 18th century. According to inventories of Šiauliai economy, dated 1786 and 1789, the administrator’s two-storey brick residence was built. The manor was expanded and acquired its current shape during the years of the reign of the Zubovai – in the second half of the 19th century. In 1902, thanks to the efforts of the city’s intelligentsia, a public library was opened on the first floor of the manor, where the archive of Šiauliai economy, burned during the World War I, was kept. In 1903-1904, Jonas Jablonskis, a linguist and social and cultural activist, who lived in Šiauliai at that time, worked in the library. In 1920, the manor went to the city, and in the same year, the Teachers’ Seminary was established here. After the World War II, for a certain time, the manor housed the city’s gymnasiums. In 1949, the Teachers’ Seminary was reorganised into the Pedagogical School. For more than half a century, the division of Šiauliai higher educational institution (Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute, later, Šiauliai University), which implemented art field studies, operated in the manor premises.