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Cultural centers, Siauliai

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Šiauliai city

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Šiauliai Cultural Centre was established in 1951. At first Cultural Centre functioned as methodical centre and managed the activities of city‘s amateur art groups, provided the methodical help for clubs of various organizations.

Today Šiauliai Cultural Centre is the organization providing various cultural services for Šiauliai citizens. The Centre creates favorable conditions which allows residents to participate in the cultural events and for each citizen to express oneself and actualize one‘s cultural and leisure needs.The activities of Cultural Centre are broad and diverse: it develops and coordinates the activities of amateur art groups, aims to preserve and promotes ethnic culture, creates conditions for citizens to get acquainted with Lithuanian and foreign performers and implements a variety of other paid services.

17 different amateur art groups, studios and clubs function at Šauliai Cultural Centre. They all actively participate in various celebrations and events which are organized in both Šiauliai city and district and promote the city and whole country of Lithuania in various national and foreign festivals and contests. Three of Centre‘s amateur art groups were awarded with a "Golden Bird" which is the highest nomination given by Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre.

Šiauliai Cultural Centre has one department. Rėkyva Department organizes cultural activities in Rėkyva and city‘s events near Rėkyva lake.

In 2003 Šiauliai Cultural Centre has won "The Best Cultural Centre" award for active and significant activities.

In order to preserve important national historical facts, Šiauliai Cultural Centre organizes events of public holiday celebrations and commemorations of significant historical events. The Centre also organizes traditional Lithuanian festivities and folklore festivals which preserve and promote old lithuanian cultural traditions. Šiauliai Cultural Centre is also the main organizer of Šiauliai birthday festival “Šiauliai Days“, which unites both city‘s cultural and educational organizations for common purpose.

The aim of Šiauliai Cultural Centre is to fulfill the citizens cultural needs and to encourage sociability and cultural activities.