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One can find fountains of various shapes on Šiauliai boulevard, but fountains with the sculpture Motinystė are one of the major attractions for families with children. Resembling hemispheres of the Sun, maybe small umbrellas or mushrooms, they have become a real entertainment for children, refreshing them on a hot summer day. The authors of the fountains are the family of architects Rimantas, Rūta and Giedrė Stuopeliai.

“We wanted to make the sculpture Motinystė accessible and touchable to children”, recalls architect Giedre Stuopelytė-Mendoza Herrera, “so it was moved from the former fountain basin onto the pavement. Later, small fountains appeared to create a playful, cosy and attractive space for families with children”.

This year, the always young sculpture Motinystė (author Aloyzas Toleikis) will mark its 40th anniversary. Namely for 40 years passers-by have seen the mother with the baby on Šiauliai boulevard. The bronze sculpture is placed on a rectangular-shaped rise.  In 2009, during the reconstruction of the boulevard, the fountain was redesigned and together with planted greenery created cosy and pleasant neighbourhood.