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Radviliškis district

The cemetery is adorned with exclusive monuments and crosses.

It is said that at the end of the 19th century, land was brought and poured with a wheelbarrow here by a peasant and folk artist Juozas Gedminas, who dedicated all his life to this work. He made tombstones from 1836 to 1885.

Today, Nirtaičiai cemetery is the greatest legacy of this folk artist. The entrance is marked by a stone gate with an affixed metal cross and the inscription carved on the gate “SZWENTA BROMA AMŽINA TĖWINEI MŪSŲ”, which perfectly reflects the main idea of the ensemble.

Three monuments were most important to Juozas Gedminas in this cemetery: one dedicated to his parents; the second, to mark year 1890, which, most likely, was very important for the sculptor; and the sculptor built the third monument for himself.