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The Kleboniškių Stone with Hollows stands on the fields in Kleboniškių Village in Pakalniškiu Eldership in the territory of Radviliškis District Municipality. The Stone was included in the Register of Cultural Values of Lithuania on 31 December 1997 and it was assigned a unique object code: 16168.

According to archaeologist Libertas Klimka, who has been researching the historical Raginenai area, the hollows carved in the stone were intended for offerings and associated with the cult of the ancient Baltic pixies. Flowers, their blossoms, and petals used to be offered to pixies.

It is told that women, who could not get pregnant but wanted a baby, used to bring the most beautiful wild flowers and offered them to the pixies asking for guardianship of the pixies, who were considered as the ones who brought happiness, joy, and fertility to people.