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Šiauliai district

In the 13th century, one of the strongest castles of Šiauliai area, which played an important role in the battle with the crusaders, stood here. The Dubysa castle (Dobitzen) has been mentioned in German chronicles more than once. It was a wooden castle, surrounded by a stone-reinforced 5-6 meter high wall of static logs. It is believed that the castle crew could consist of 50-70 armed men. In the summer of 1236, the Dubysa castle was unsuccessfully attacked by Livonian knights beaten in the battle of Saulė. Stubborn resistance of the castle crew helped the dukes Bulioniai to catch and finally destroy their enemies nearby the river Mūša. In 1348, Dubysa castle was burned down by large forces of the Order. The castle was quickly rebuilt, but during the attack in 1358, it was burned again. According to the Livonian chronicles, during the assault, one hundred castle defenders and two brothers of the Order died.