Budgetary institution Šiauliai Tourism Information Center
Vilniaus st. 213-90, LT-76348 Šiauliai


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Briefly about the route
3.3 km
10 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt
1% Dirt road
1% Forest path

If you already have an instagram, it means you can take photos. We will give you just a few ideas about places that are most appealing to our instagrammers. Maybe you will also like them. We will not tell you how to take photos, just a list of places is presented here.

1. Šiauliai boulevard – 1200 meters for fantasy. Maybe you will get interested in volumetric advertising or the fountains, maybe you will sit down in a cafe?

2. The Art Gallery – lots of light, art on the walls and in art albums.

3. Gastropub “Cask215” – a cosy American woodshed interior looks best when the evening lights are on. Enjoy your meal!

4. Resurrection Square – you would say, the still paint-scented square is a large and wide space for photographic experiments. Stairs, water or old oaks will suit in the photos.

5. The Photography Museum – spaces, expositions and an old brick wall await new photo artists.

6. Restaurants “Leja” and “Boho” – shine with croissants, good Benedict eggs and mimosas.

7. “Valerijonas” teahouse – for lovers of Provence. There are many cosy places to sit down and have a good picture with a portion of healthy food.

8. The Venclauskiai house-museum – The White House with a renovated facade and romantic columns, stairs, vaultings.

9. Ch. Frenkel’s villa-museum – impressive stairs, park, roses, swings, fountain. Lots of photogenic places in a small area.

10. The shore of Lake Talkša – if you don’t have a photo at “The Iron Fox”, you have not been in Šiauliai. The whole lakeshore is suitable for photography, or maybe you will choose an improvised picnic on the grass?



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