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Vilniaus st. 213-90, LT-76348 Šiauliai


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5 km
5 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt
1% Dirt road
1% Forest path

Cities at the eye level is our daily life; we often move with our eyes cast down and rarely raise our heads to see the colour of the sky or the beauty of balconies. The city looks completely different from above. It does not matter at all at what height you look at the small people moving there, on the pavements – the opening up horizons fascinate at any time. We invite you to enjoy the city’s panorama this summer in Šiauliai!

The Sun Terrace is most relevant in summer. It has the largest children’s playground, flower walls for photo sessions and the most delicious places to eat out. The terrace has been aiming for an incredible record for many years – the largest number of bicycles on the roof! Attempts were made to improve the record again at the end of May. In summer, concerts are also held on the terrace. What can be better than good music on a warm summer evening?

The Photography Museum is not only a place of good exhibitions, a Mecca of workshops on photography but also a rooftop terrace offering unforgettable memories of the boulevard. Namely the boulevard, because the terrace is in the very centre of the boulevard, so you can see both parts of the pedestrian street and count passers-by. This terrace is just made for events. And in the summer, there is certainly no shortage of them on the roof.

The wall of Resurrection Square is often filled with exhibitions. It is worth climbing onto the terrace of the building, which overlooks a pretty good view of the square. It feels as if you were in a VIP box and watched the movement in the square like a mini-performance.

The Cathedral tower has provided the most intriguing news of the season. Finally, you can have a look at the city from the 70-meter-high tower. On the way to the top of the tower, you will see huge bells and a newly hung carillon. The views from such height are truly unique. The city of Šiauliai can be well seen from all four parts of the world. You will enjoy a panoramic view with straight roads, the lake, green areas and the urban anthill. By the way, the tower is only accessible with a guide.

Salduvė mound is maybe not the highest but the best place in the city to meet the Sun. This is where the city’s graduates greet the Sun when saying goodbye to the school. This greeting is a symbolic start of the new life. In winter, it is fun to go tobogganing from this mound; in the warm season, to organise picnics and enjoy nature.

A hot air balloon – only with prior arrangement and in favourable weather conditions. On the other hand, it is worth making an effort to have unique photos from very high. There are as many as several hot-air balloon ride companies in Šiauliai, so it is really possible to reconcile these entertainments. According to those who flew, the views are really amazing: you are accompanied by the shine of Lake Rėkyva, the longest street Tilžės, which looks truly like a section dividing the city into two parts.

So what will you choose? Will you fly? Will you climb or just stay on the pavement and look with envy at those who have tried and climbed up?



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