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If you are traveling with your four-legged pet, he should also have a comfortable and pleasant trip. Here are the “recommendations” of Maya, a Scottish Terrier living in Šiauliai: places where she can come in, get water, etc.

1. According to Justina, Maja’s owner, her dog’s most favourite activity is spending time in nature, where there are many different smells and plenty of room to run. In animal-friendly places, both the owner and Maya can feel comfortable. In Šiauliai, four-legged friends are welcome at Boho restaurant, Šiauliai Art Gallery, Valerijonas Tea House, Presto Tea House, Leja restaurant, Space bar, strolls can be seasoned with coffee “Caffeine”.

2. If you want more than just to see the artistic accents found on the streets, your pets and you can also pop into Šiauliai Art Gallery and the “wãpsva LT” design house gallery founded in the hall.

Šiauliai can be called a green city as it has more than one park and many green spaces. The green zones of the city’s residential areas are suitable for strolls with four-legged friends. The Scottish Terrier Maya “recommends” the following green spaces and parks:

3. Central City Park. The central park is already adapted for quiet and active recreation, Maya has already appreciated its attractiveness. The park is becoming beautiful, there are a lot of places for sniffing, many paths for walks and there is a dog enclosure! Maya is happy that the city is cleaning up and that you can finally find somewhere to stroll in the city centre.

4. The shore of Lake Talkša, Talkša and Salduvė Forest Parks. There certainly is a lot to do along the shore of Lake Talkša, and the fun part for Maya is watching ducks; well, sometimes trying to catch them. Here, Maya meets many other four-legged friends. If you walk a little further from Lake Talkša, you can also find Salduvė Park with plenty of places for running. It is important to remember that not only birds but also ticks live in forest spaces. You need to protect yourself against ticks in advance.

5. Sundial Square. Lake Talkša is neighboured by Sundial Square with the symbol of Šiauliai city – the statue of the golden boy Šaulys. It is always fun to admire this place and Maya enjoys running in the meadows near this square. In the evening, the illuminated square looks truly magical.

6. Resurrection Square and Municipality Square. Maya and her owners are very happy with the renewed and constantly surprising Resurrection Square, which delights with colourful fountains in the summer and a Christmas tree in the winter. Well, this square decorates Šiauliai during other holidays too. It is great that the municipality of Šiauliai did not forget its four-legged residents and equipped a drinking fountain in the square next to the municipality, where thirsty four-legged friends can refresh themselves.

7. The Boulevard and Chestnut Avenue. The renewed boulevard and the revived Chestnut Avenue are the main attractions if you go for a stroll. While pet owners enjoy artistic inclusions, the four-legged friends get to know each other and safely play in the car-free pedestrian section of Vilniaus Street. There is a drinking fountain for four-legged friends near the Cock clock.

8. Divisions of Aušra Museum. Museums are neighboured by beautiful flowering gardens, which can also be visited by four-legged friends. The rosary of Ch. Fenkelis’ Villa Park, the Orphans’ Garden near the Venclauskiai House or Žaliūkiai Miller’s Homestead are waiting for four-legged friends and their owners. By the way, the Museum of Photography allows four-legged friends to go inside too. Art is close not only to people.

You can find even more ideas for walks with your four-legged friends in Šiauliai at visitsiauliai.lt – travel everyone, travel safely. We look forward to seeing you as our guests!


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