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In 2023 March 24 - April 15 The thematic exhibition "Still Life" by Sigitas Prancuitis and Rimantas Buivydas is open at the Šiauliai Art Gallery.

The exhibition opens on March 24. 5:00 p.m. Visiting the exhibition during the opening is free.

Despite the neighborhood of the workshop, Rimantas Buivydas and Sigitas Prancuitis live in very different artistic orbits. But there are topics that are able to unite the biggest differences. No matter how diverse the artists, vanguardists and classicists, cubists and postmodernists, none of them managed to avoid the plot of still life. This time, Rimantas Buivydas and Sigitas Prancuitis offer us a look at their work through the prism of still life. Assemblages, digital graphics, painting in the imagination of these artists obey the laws of still life, which give the exhibition integrity and provide an expanded possibility of still life perception. Pixels dance with plates, lost keys with petals. Everything comes together in classic still life compositions, which are also abundant in our home - on the garage or kitchen shelf, on the living room table or in the book section. Artists are very fond of the freedom of things, so it helps us to see the self-directed beauty hidden in them.


Sigitas Prancuitis (b. 1946, Jakiškiau, Joniškio district) - artist (painter, graphic artist). in 1974 graduated from the Lithuanian State Art Institute, graduated from painting (teachers - Silvestras Džiaukštas, Jonas Švažas). Worked at Šiauliai art school. He has been participating in art exhibitions since 1974. S. Prancuitis made still lifes, portraits, associative compositions, but these are not "pure" genres - elements of all genres can be found in one and the same painting. The early paintings of S. Prancuitis are characterized by completeness, they are mostly light in color and sensitive tonal nuances. These are moody paintings, close to the general Lithuanian colorist direction, but at the same time far removed from the principles of the traditional school. In the artist's latest work, there are clear attempts to move into new modernist directions using the most unexpected materials.

Rimantas Tomas Buivydas (b. 1939 in Kaunas) is a Lithuanian graphic designer. in 1964 graduated from the Lithuanian Art Institute, 1970-2005 taught at the then Šiauliai University (until 1997 – Šiauliai Pedagogical University). Doctor of Humanities, docent. Since 1963 participates in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. The works are dominated by urban landscapes in which the connections of man and nature with the industrial landscape are conveyed with a clear, constructive drawing of lines and spots. In recent years, R. Buivydas has been actively experimenting in the field of digital graphics.