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For children and school children

Location of service provided

Radviliškis district

Kamishibai originated in Japan and was used by monastic Buddhists as early as the 12th century. Translated from Japanese, it means "paper theater". The most memorable moments of the story being followed are illustrated in illustrations, thus facilitating content comprehension and encouraging active listening of the story. Printed stories are allowed for educational and educational purposes. They are used in schools, libraries, because they facilitate access to culture, history, language. Kamishibai is suitable and recommended for teaching foreign languages.

A live, playfully watched story, complemented with theater elements that engage children in interactive activities, is a great way to teach.

The Radviliskis Public Library project will consist of 3 parts:

1. The tale followed by the library staff in the Kamishibai way.

2. Creative workshops with library staff and IT teachers.

After listening to the tales, the children will draw, create and improvise in the creative workshops.

In order to bring modernity to the "paper theater", we will move the fairy-tale characters into cyberspace. Working with an IT teacher, kids will create computer drawings that, when transferred to a computer screen or tablet, will allow them to follow tales the old way.

3. Children will follow their tales according to the pictures they have created and discuss them.

Categories: Performance (Interdisciplinary)

For classes: 1-4, cost per student: 2 EUR, event duration: 100 min.

Possible number of pupils and accompanying persons per service: 5 - 20

The service is held at a cultural institution: Radviliškio r. week Radviliškis Dariaus ir Girėno g. 9 Radviliskis d. sav., but may also be an exit