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Water tower construction started in 1939 according to professor P. Morkūnas’ sketches and some of A.Janulionis’ working drawings. During Nazi occupation, the construction of the water tower was suspended. At the end of June, 1945, construction works were resumed. Tower construction works were led by engineer Jonas Vencius. Intermittent tower construction took nine years, until 1948.

In that year, the tower was filled with water from the first Lepšiai water supply station in Šiauliai, which was put in operation on October 30, 1948, which is the official date of establishing waterworks. Until 1991, water tower was used for its intended purpose – water supply. In 1991, it was disconnected from the water supply network.

Perpetuating changes in waterworks, employees’ achievements, in 1974, the waterworks museum was founded on the ground floor of the tower. In 1983, it was granted the name of a public museum.