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Interesting places

Scholars call Vow’s Cemetery as Kairiškiai old cemetery. A stone axe found here indicates that
people have lived in these places for 1,500 years. These places are also shrouded in legends.
It is said that in the place of the chapel, a church used to be and a town around it. Besides, buried money were also found here. Others say that huge pine trees used to grow here. People started to cut them down and eventually, left the two tallest pine trees. After the night, herders noticed that signs of landslide are detectable around the remaining pine trees and due to this reason, fenced the trees. After the night, signs of landslide were around the fence. Then they realized that it is a sacred place. People began to worship the place, build crosses, wooden statues, and later, built a chapel. The inscription on the gate says that it must have been approximately in 1815. Another inscription says that the new gate was built in 1933.