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Velžiai hillfort is one the southern shore of the lake and dates back to the beginning of 1st -2 ndmillennium. The hilltop is round 25 m in diameter. In its north and east there is 1.5 m high, 15 m wide moat.The easten 4-5 m high slope descends to 20 m wide and 2 m deep moat. The slopes are steep, 8 meters in height.

The hillfort rampart section was made and it is discovered that the hillfort was piled of sand and gravel by three times. Total thickness of the rampart was 2.8 m, the basis of the rampart 12 m wide and 1.6 m deep moat. In the same places 3 square, longbuilding were discovered. In 100 m2 area a firplace was found at the foothill.

According to Radviliškis district old people's stories, on the hillfort of Velžiai there used to be Velžiai Church, which disappeared in the ground. They say that even nowadays sometimes bells ringing can be heard under the ground.

The mound can be reached going along the road Panevėžys-Šiauliai (road no. A9). In Velžiai village, at the Cafe "Žarija", turn right, go 1 kilometer up to parking place and go 150 meters along the rampart.