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The 2nd Valatkoniu Stone, which is also referred to as the Devil's Stone, stands in Valatkoniu Forest, which is a part of Baisogala Forestry, in the territory of Radviliškis District Municipality. The Stone was included in the Register of Cultural Values of Lithuania on 14 July 1998 and it was assigned a unique object code: 5543.

There are many interesting legends about the 2nd Valatkoniu Stone, also known as the Devil's Stone, written down by Bronislava Kerbelyte. The elderly people tell that some time ago the Devil was dragging a huge stone on the ground intending to use it for blocking the door of Baisogala Church, but he did not manage to implement his evil intentions before a rooster started crowing. This dragging has left a deep ditch, which can be still seen even nowadays, the Stone itself was split in halves by the chain that the Devil had fixed to the Stone, and hollows were imprinted on the surface of the Stone right where the Devil had set

According to the other legend, at the times of serfdom, when the noblemen were still influential people, the Devil's Stone used to be a landmark separating the forest of Komaras, Lord of Baisogala Manor, and the holdings of peasant Kadaras. Once upon a time Lord Komaras decided he wanted to change the borderlines between his and peasant Kadaras' holdings, claiming that his land was expanding to Kadaras' side by fifteen meters from the Stone. A dispute started between the owners of the holdings within the course of which the Stone was removed to a new place and Kadaras, who lost a piece of his land, started cursing at Komaras. The Devil heard the man's cursing so one stormy night he took the boulder to the forest that belonged to
Komaras with a bang exactly the same distance as the Lord has moved the Stone to Kadaras' land. Since then people have been referring to the boulder as the Devil's Stone.