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On September 6, 2017, a sculpture to Algirdas Julius Greimas (1917-1992), a prominent linguist, semiotician, mythologist, and essayist, created by Šiauliai sculptor Gintautas Lukošaitis, near Šiauliai University building (P. Višinskio St. 38) was solemnly unveiled.

Algirdas Julius Greimas is one of the most famous representatives of modern semiotics, the founder of the Paris School of Semiotics. In 1929-1931, he went to the boys’ gymnasium in Šiauliai (now, J. Janonis Gymnasium), in 1940-1944, taught at the girls’ gymnasium (now, Didždvaris gymnasium) and at the Trade Institute.

This is a piece of art that won the first place in the plain-air competition of artistic accents of plastic art, dedicated to perpetuation of Algirdas Julius Greimas in public spaces of Šiauliai city, organized by Šiauliai City Municipality and Šiauliai Art Gallery.


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