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The Public Radio and Television Museum was founded on the initiative of engineer and ethnographer Jonas Rimkevičius (1940-2016) assisted by a group of pre-war radio amateurs in this building in 1982. The museum’s council formed at Šiauliai television factory started taking care of the museum. In 1994, this museum moved under the aegis of Aušra Museum. Currently, it is a division of Šiauliai Aušra Museum – the Radio and Television Museum.
In 2002, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the museum’s foundation, an exposition of the history of audio and video reproduction devices was presented. It displays the most valuable exhibits preserved in the museum, which best reflect the development of devices for reproduction of sound and image, other telecommunication devices, and help to get to know and understand the principles and the potential of operation of these devices.

Ticket – 2 Eur (with discount – 1 Eur).
Guided tour – 10 Eur (no discounts).