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Radviliškis district

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The Prudytes Stone stands in the surroundings of Verduliu Village, which is a part of Radviliškis Eldership, in the territory of Radviliškis District Municipality. The Stone was included in the Register of Cultural Values of Lithuania on 13 January 1999 and it was assigned a unique object code: 24699. According to the legends collected and written down by the members of the Lithuanian Archaeological Society, during the ancient times when giants were still around, one of them wondered here from a foreign area with many ponds there and was walking around the local surroundings looking for his way home. As he was wandering in a forest with trees so high then that the treetops were touching the sky he got caught by a thick tree branch and tore a hole in his trousers where his pocket was and a stone fell out through this hole that no man can still move this stone with his hands.