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Nature objects, Siauliai

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Šiauliai city

Talkša ecological path has 19 stands. The total length of the path is about 5 km. In each station there are informational stands introducing to the peculiarity, plants and animals of that place. Path is inviting during every season of the year.
On the left there is the cemetery of the city, where the well known philosopher Stasys Šalkauskas and other famous citizens are burried.
In this ecological path you will meet the vestigal unforced nature of the east cost of the lake Talkša, the panoramic view overlooking the landscape of the lake, its surroundings and Šiauliai city, could find and recognize habitations typical to this region.
Fragments of habitations of European importance that can be seen in this path are natural eutrophic lakes with communities of pondweeds, eutrophic higher herbage, hayfields of mezophyte, mediate swamps and marshes, noncalcareous springs and springy swamps, broad-leaved and mixed forests.

We kindly ask our visitors to keep order, do not litter and do not pick plants. Lets feel the beauty of the nature! We hope that you will have some nice and inspiring moments and find out something new. We wish you successful and interesting journey!