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Pakruojis district

The mill was built in 1980. During the Soviet era, the mill was turned into a warehouse and no longer fulfilled its original purpose. It was restored in 2004. At the moment, there is a mill equipment exposition opened in Staciunai windmill. There you can also find exhibition of photos from the life of Staciunai community, collections of various folk household tools, mobile exhibitions and educational programs are being organized there too. Visitors are accepted by prior arrangement.

It is one of a few remained windmills, which on the first floor has stone masonry with décor elements and other floors are wooden. It’s the only windmill in Pakruojis district with an internal cap turning mechanism. The windmill has an antique household and grind exposition. The exhibits were collected by members of the Stačiūnai community in the surrounding villages during an ethnographic expedition with the help of specialists.

The mill was declared a technical monument and entered in the Register of Cultural Values of the Republic of Lithuania (unique code 16634).

*Prior registration is necessary.