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The Pastoral Centre of Šiauliai Diocesan Curia  was consecrated on 22 August, 2013. It houses Šiauliai Diocese Curia, Church Court, Centres of Catechetics, Youth, Family, and Evangelization, Caritas. The Chapel of Saint Casimir, the prayer room are intended for prayers. One of the three halls can be rented. There is a library.

The Pastoral Centre is the fruit of faith, born of a vocation to grow Faith, Hope, Love in the Diocese of Šiauliai.

The ground floor corridor is adorned with an impressive 40 square meter four-piece fresco Credo, unfolding in a narrow gallery, going from one part to another. Artist Gražina Arlauskaitė-Vingrienė was creating frescoes two years employing the wet fresco technique al fresco used by Renaissance masters. No chemical paints were used in this work: all shades, undertones are derived exclusively from natural pigments of earth origin. The fresco is dedicated to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.