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Pakruojis district

Rozalimas Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands in the center of the town Rozalimas. The church was built in 1765 by landowners Adam Drabisius and Rozalija Bielozaraite Drabisiene. In about 1773, the parish was established. In 1794 a new one-story wooden church of folk architecture with a cross-plan and only in 1890 instead of one tower two current ones were built. The churchyard was finished in 1850 with a stone fence and a wooden chapel serving as a belfry. The old wooden bell tower. The old one burnt down in the 1930s during the campus fire and 3 bells of 100, 500, 1000 pounds of weight melted. One larger bell was made from them. During the German occupation in 1944, the bell was taken down.


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