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Papilės I piliakalnis

Nature objects

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Akmenė district

The most picturesque and best known, so called the First Mound is situated on the left bank of the river Venta, at its confluence with a tiny nameless rivulet flown there a long time ago.

A trench was dug on the southern side of the Mound which is 12–15 meters high and then an embankment of 4-5 meters high was constructed from the soil with a triangular site on the top with the area of 1,500 square meters. Then, a fore-work with the area of 2,500 square meters was constructed on the same salience, on the other side of the trench. It is supposed that there was an ancient settlement on the western side of the Mound.

Today, there is a cemetery in the area of the Mound where famous Lithuanian historian S.Daukantas is burried.