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Creator Martynas Gaubas’ artistic accent Penzeliukas is an eye-catching sculpture dedicated to one of the most famous Šiauliai artists Gerardas Bagdonavičius, who was called by friends penzeliukas.

Martynas Gaubas’ work of art is not accidentally exhibited near Šiauliai County Povilas Višinskis Public Library. The house where Gerardas Bagdonavičius’ family lived is located on the same Aušros Avenue, not far from the public library. Besides, the library preserves Gerardas Bagdonavičius’ ex libris fund.

Almost a two meters high artistic accent Penzeliukas is made from metal and sticks out in the shiny puddle of metal gloss paint, reflecting not only the artist’s restless character (the symbol of the whirling paintbrush) but the current Šiauliai too. According to the sculptor, his paintbrush leaves a distinct trace, like G. Bagdonavičius left in his time in Šiauliai. Although the artist died 30 years ago, his memory is still alive. And those who walk with their “eyes closed” and do not notice anything, will be forced to raise their eyes to the sky by the mirror of the sculpture.