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Naujosios Akmenės kultūros rūmai

Cultural centers, The New Stone

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Akmenė district

The Culture Palace of Naujoji Akmenė built back in 1958 is one of the most prominent monuments witnessing the history of the town. The Palace was built according to a typical project of 1949 adapted to the town by architect Vladas Naujikas. In 2003, the Culture Palace was included into the Register of Cultural Values of the Republic of Lithuania.

Since its opening, the Culture Palace of Naujoji Akmenė has been the primary cultural focus of Akmenė district. The splendid Palace standing is the very centre of the town radiates not only the exterior and architectural culture but also invites people to get to know their culture.

Today, various events are organised in the Palace and there is the Exhibition Hall which exposition is constantly renewed.