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Joniškis district

Mūša Tyrelis swamp is an impressive corner of nature in Žagarė Regional Park. It is still untouched by human. Cognitive Walkway of Mūšos Tyrelis was opened in 2015 and it is the longest known walkway in the swamps that was included in the Lithuanian Book of Records. The total length of the walkway to one side is 4480 metres. The entire walkway stretches more than 8 kilometres. The walkway is located in the exclusive natural area – the Mūša Tyrelis Telmological Reserve. This natural complex in Northern Lithuania consists of several types of swamps, peatlands and wetlands. The rivers Mūša and Juodupis, the natural Miknaičiai lake and several other small lakes are floating in the swamp. The reserve is included in the NATURA 2000 list. Cognitive walkway of Mūša Tyrelis can also be visited independently, without the escorts of the staff of Žagarė Regional Park. But you should not forget – smoking is forbidden there !