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Historical objects

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Pakruojis district

The chapel was built in about 1436 m. In 1524 or 1526 the owner of the Lygumai Manor, L. Vietkavicius, built a wooden St. Trinity Church. In 1791 or 1793, the Rev. Christopher Wolf, a pastor, built a new wooden church that lasted more than 100 years. In 1906-1914, with the help of the pastor Rev. Jurgis Rupka and financing of the parishioners, a new one-story brick Gothic style church was built. Stories of locals state that all townspeople were collecting poultry egg shells for construction of the church in between 1908 and 1914. It was done due to the fact that shells are a source of calcium and chalk for incorporation into the then composite.

2016 the church was measured and it turned out that the true height is 73 meters and 84 centimeters.