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Pakruojis district

It’s a church located in the village of Lauksodis, near the road Linkuva – Zeimelis. In 1710 in Lauksodis, near the Curonian frontier, Livonian Bishop Teodoras Volfas built a house and St. Peter and Paul’s church for the Jesuits. Later on, in 1751 the Jesuits built a new wooden church. It was consecrated in 1767. After the abolition of the Jesuit order in 1780, Stanislovas Augustas obligated the owner of Lauksodis Manor to support the affiliate. In 1814 the new organ was installed. In 1851 the church was propped up and the walls were warped. It was renovated in 1852. The owners of Lauksodis Verscinskiai donated 18 tithes of land to the church.

At the end of the 19th century the church was renewed. In 1935 the parish was established. The building itself is huge. It is a rectangle-shaped and has 2 floors, no towers, but has side extensions and 3 naves inside. The fence of the churchyard is made from stone masonry with Stations of the Cross. There is a bell tower in the churchyard. The bottom is from stone masonry and the top is wooden.