Budgetary institution Šiauliai Tourism Information Center
Vilniaus st. 213-90, LT-76348 Šiauliai


Settlements, Kurtuvėnai

Location of service provided

Šiauliai district

Forests of KRP are highly appreciated by enthusiasts of orienteering, skiing, biking and jogging sports. Guided tours are offered for those who wish to get closer to nature.

Kurtuvenai horse riding service centre provides riding facilities: it organises riding trips, excursions by carriages, offers special programs for visitors with horses, riding camps. Private horses are padlocked and trained here as well. Joint stock-company "Sventjonis" provides an oppor- tunity of fishing carps in commercial reservoirs.

House-trailers are welcome to stay in the camping. We also suggest our visitors to enjoy countryside tourism houses, which are famous for their agro-environmental activities. Tourists with tents can stay in camping places. Larger groups of visitors could take advantage of leisure centres in Siauliai city hotels.