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Kuršėnai is the largest town of Šiauliai district, situated in the northern part of the district, on both banks of the river Venta. Currently, there are over 15,000 residents in the town.

The city has a rectangular structure and a mixed street map. A larger part of the town is situated on the right bank of the river Venta. There is a park with the remaining buildings of Gruzewski Manor on the left bank of the river.

Since not far from Kuršėnai the clay is found which is suitable for items of fine ceramics, the pottery has long flourished in the town. Back in the last century, Kuršėnai was famous for its fairs where there was always plenty of clay items. Up to today, Kuršėnai is called as the „Capital of Potters“ not only because of the great number of potters in the town, but also because of the fact that the crown of the Best Potter was awarded solely to the folkartists of Kuršėnai town, such as J.Paulauskas, V.Damkus, B.Radeckas, J.Vertelis. It is therefore not by chance that a jug is one of the elements of the coat of arms of Kuršėnai town.