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Radviliškis district

The Manor has been mentioned since 149 when it was property of the Kesgailos, Elders of Samogitia.belonged to Samogitian elders Kesgailas. The Manor was inherited from them by the Butrimaiciai in the end of the 15th century or in the beginning of the 16th century, later on it was inherited by the Šemetos. The building had huge wooden stairs located between two sub-granaries. There was a living room with six windows above them, surrounded by porches and above it there was a pinnacle covered with shingles with two mysterious sharpened balls, with weathercocks. Two large stoves were instaled on the porch. On the right there was a wide staircase with handrails leading to a large living room-dining room. A stove built of painted tiles with coats of arm was instaled there, there also was a buffet and a balcony for musicians above it. The building had forty windows.

In 1857 Jonas Šemeta funded construction of the contemporary Šiaulėnai Church. Besides the combination of the conservatory-officina there also remained the barn, crucifix, and ruins of the smithery.