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Radviliškis district

The path of senses, set up in the territory of the yard of “Smuklė Žarija” leads to the energy labyrinth.

The reflexology path is created based on Sebastian Kneipp’s unique philosophy of wellness. Walking barefoot on different surfaces and stimulating feet, active points in feet are pressed. This way nervous system zones are affected – impulses from them reach the right organ and activate the entire immune system of the human body. The pressure force of gentle surfaces to these points is smoother, more uniform, thus, the central nervous system is more activated – this soothes and relaxes. Pressing force of sharp surfaces to these points is different, therefore, the cardiovascular system is more affected, the organism is stimulated and activated. Such natural massage relaxes, eliminates fatigue, irritability, insomnia, improves work capacity, memory and attention, and positively affects the whole body. At the same time, leg muscles and ligaments are strengthened, posture and balance are improved. It is also an effective means of hardening the body.