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Nature objects

Diauderi mound, also called Baisogala, Šatrija, is located in Diauderiai village, which belongs to Baisogala eldership, in the territory of Radviliškis district municipality. The mound is located on the left bank of the Serbentynė (Kiršin) stream (now - the pond) in Cape Verde. - I thsd. before our era.

The mound site is trapezoidal, elongated, 40 meters long and 25 meters wide. At the northern edge of the site is a 2-meter-high, 15-meter-wide embankment with a northern slope leading to an 8-meter-wide, 0.3-meter-deep ditch. On the southern and western sides of the site there is a 1.5 meter high, 12 meter wide embankment. The slopes of the mound are steep, 10 meters high.

Diauderi mound can be reached by the Baisogala - Grinkiškis highway, turning right in the village of Biliūnai towards Augmenai, after 750 meters, turn right after the Serbentynė stream and continue on the road and fields for another 450 m to the slope of the mountain.