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The first wooden chapel in the depths of the Agailiai forest was built as early as in the times of serfdom. The participants of the uprising of 1863 are buried near it. Thinking that this place was magical, people were building crosses here for a long time. A small concrete church with a wooden tiled roof, built in 1939, was set on fire during World War II. Later it was rebuilt, but in 1974, it burnt down the second time after being struck by lightning. The church was restored in 1990 – the building of the house of prayer, more than 13 meters long, 7 meters wide and 14 meters high rose up. Two crosses to honour the memory of foresters Ipolitas Vilčinskas and Virgilijus Gedminas were erected next to it. The church is included in the list of cultural values of Kuršėnai rural eldership. The chapel is neighboured by a well whose water is considered magical and has healing powers.