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In 2024 March 22 - May 4 an exhibition of paintings on paper by Ričardas Garbačiauskas "Rough Surfaces" will be held in the Šiauliai Art Gallery.

Exhibition opens on Friday, March 22, at 5:00 p.m. Visiting the exhibition during the opening is free.


My work in recent years is a search for abstract painting. These abstract images are combinations of elements of living nature, highlighting the change of natural forms and processes, their expressive and vital character. Restless, as if random strokes, their intersections and rhythmicity are ever-renewing, unpredictable changing forms. Silhouettes of dark contrasting and restless strokes on light backgrounds form the compositional structures of paintings, asymmetrical movement without beginning and end. The color of the paintings is moderate, several main colors often prevail. This allows you to create the desired mood, highlight emotional tension. The exhibition “Rough surfaces” exhibits new works that appeared as a result of my ink painting. Although at first glance the works are similar to each other, the roughness of the colors and textures, the contrasts of spots, the tense lines form the structures of the paintings and a certain nervous tension. Due to the abstract nature of the works, I gave up the titles of the individual works, leaving the general title “Rough Surfaces” and marking each individual work with serial numbers.

– Ričardas Garbačiauskas



Born in 1956. In Vilnius. In 1980 finished painting studies at the Vilnius Art Institute, obtained the qualifications of an artist-painter, pedagogue. Since 1982 participates in national and foreign exhibitions. Organized 15 personal creative exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, since 1986 participated in over 60 group exhibitions. Art fans from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Holland got acquainted with the author’s work. Since 1994 participates in national and international plein airs. Since 1992 is a member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists, from 2009 to 2015 – Chairman of the Šiauliai artists’ organization. Since 1980 he worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts of Šiauliai University, held the positions of department head, dean, vice dean, and was awarded the title of professor for his artistic work.



In 2005, 2009 The Šiauliai Art Gallery marked the artist’s work for the development of the aesthetics of modernist painting at a high artistic level.

In 2011 Šiauliai municipality awarded the artist of the year award for active participation in exhibitions and development of figurative painting.

In 2012 Šiauliai Cultural Center Gallery “Laiptai” was awarded for the most artistic collection at the year’s miniature exhibition.



The field of artistic creation is painting. The works of the previous creative stage are characterized by a symbolic representation of the human figure with elements of surrealism. Later works – abstract compositions, inspired by the changing moods of nature. They are characterized by the texture of natural natural surfaces – land, water, rocks, and the complexity of the pictorial language. Today’s abstract compositions are characterized by structure, movement of decorative forms and contrasts.