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2022 November 25–December 17 in Šiauliai Art Gallery, Rimantas Milkintas sculpture exhibition "Inserts" will be open.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday, November 25, at 5:30 p.m. in Šiauliai art gallery. Admission is free during the opening of the exhibition.



In his latest exhibition „Insertions“, Rimantas Milkintas will present works created over the past three years, reflecting the 2020-2022 period. current events. The works of the exhibition analyze the cyclical nature of events and the significance of routine in everyday life. The works themselves are perceived as interludes in the exhibition, which emerge in the midst of events as episodes of ordinary, former life. The desire to maintain habits, which is important to everyone, against the background of war and pandemic, seems no longer possible or at least not too limited, and adaptation takes its place. Forms and kinetic compounds created from steel beams recall these experiences and create an impression of cyclicity, revealing the inevitable repetitions of history. In the midst of constant ups and downs, the abstract, minimal form of the works in Rimantas Milkinto’s exhibition „Inclusions“ allows the complexity of individual and global experiences to unfold.

The work of the sculptor Rimantas Milkint is characterized by the grace of forms and lines and the integrity of the relationship between material and idea. The artist’s works are characterized by an open structure, meaningful form, creating an imaginary movement effect in space, developing a dialogue with the environment and the viewer. The sculptor creates from building materials: steel beams, plywood, and more and more often you can also notice found, already used elements that have their own history and have become today’s artifacts. In the works, the author’s observations are expressed in a conceptual language, reflections on today’s relevant topics, not avoiding even such difficult topics as war, its impact on culture or human feelings.



Rimantas Milkintas (b. 1977) – 1995-1999 studied at Telšiai Higher School of Applied Arts, 1999-2005. completed his bachelor’s and master’s studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. The author has organized more than fifty exhibitions, and has presented his works in Germany, China, Italy, Belgium, Finland and many other countries. in 2005 he was awarded the NORD/LB prize for the installation „Stable and flexible“ in 2006. – Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation III Prize, 2011 awarded the best sculpture/installation ArtVilnius’11 award, and in 2020 was awarded the golden badge of the Lithuanian Union of Artists for the active creation of sculptures and installations for public spaces.


The exhibition is organized in cooperation with Vilnius-based gallery (AV17), which is a space that has been actively working with contemporary art for eleven years. It is one of the few galleries operating in Lithuania that exclusively presents contemporary object, sculpture and installation art. In addition to permanent exhibition activities, the gallery implements various international and regional artistic and educational projects, conducts exchange programs with foreign and Lithuanian creators, thus promoting the spread of contemporary art in our country and Europe.

The exhibition is part of the program of the contemporary art and fashion festival „Virus’27“.

Organizer Šiauliai Art Gallery

The festival is financed by Šiauliai City Municipality and the Lithuanian Culture Council

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