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2024 February 23 - March 16 the art exhibition "Awakenings" of Petras Rakštikas is open in Šiauliai art gallery.

The exhibition opens on Friday, February 23, at 5:00 p.m. Visiting the exhibition during the opening is free.



A man woke up and began to draw. He drew, drew, without experience he created all kinds of nonsense and, afraid that someone would see, he hid the drawings. Draw again the next morning. He drew and drew until he realized that he had to hide the nonsense he had drawn. When he tried to draw for the third time, he set fire to his previous works, and when the fire caught fire, he waved his hands, drew a fireman in the air, shouted “help” until the firemen arrived, did their job, saw the burnt nonsense and took the person to the creator’s house. Their chairman shook hands, checked the pulse, drew a ticket for a new section member, the creator felt his worth, boldly continued to draw in the air, and the understanding neighbors of the ward whistled loudly and clapped their hands even after everyone was inspired.

– Petras Rakštikas



Petras Rakštikas – painter, poet, prose writer. Born on December 18, 1956 in Šiauliai. in 1980 graduated from Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute (now – Šiauliai Academy of Vilnius University), majoring in drawing, drafting and works teacher. Since 1983 until 2016 worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities and Arts at ŠU. Since 1996 associate professor Areas of activity: painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, photography, literature. Organized over 40 author exhibitions in Lithuania and more. Worked as a teacher at Kuršėnai Art School. Currently, the educator of the “Laiptai” gallery. in 2006 Awarded the Šiauliai City Culture and Art Award for fostering the art of words and artistic universality, combining art and literature. He published nine books of poetry, prose, and methodical books.


The poster uses the photography of Vilmantas Dambrauskas.