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2022 November 25–December 17 Jurgis Tarabilda's personal exhibition will be held in Šiauliai art gallery.

Exhibition opening on Friday, November 25 at 5:30 p.m. Šiauliai art gallery. Admission is free during the opening of the exhibition.



Jurgis Tarabilda’s abstract paintings are often illusionistic and unfold unexpectedly in the viewer’s eyes when the latter believes what they see. Often, at first glance, he is confused and looks around in space trying to understand where the shadow falls from, or where one or another line begins. Although at first glance it seems that the artist’s works contain a lot of technical methodology and precise process, his work is born from an intuitive sense of the environment.

The artist subtly uses the possibilities of shadow and texture in his paintings to create a physically experienced plane that seems real and tangible. J. Tarabilda captures intangible moments and locks them on the surface of the canvas.

In the works, he does not try to represent something concrete, they do not refer to certain contexts or themes, nor do they provide visual material for an external idea or conceptual feeling. J. Tarabilda’s works represent themselves, become objects that interact with space, become part of it, thus supplementing or extending it.

In the works of the artist, we will meet few colors, sometimes they are monochrome, this helps the artist to think about painting as an object, as a medium in which he allows us to feel an unusual sense of spatiality. The interaction between the color and the white, untouched canvas is necessary for the creation of the work. These white areas are structures that dissolve the boundaries between the space of the work and the space in which they are exhibited.

This exhibition presents the author’s paintings of recent years, as well as objects rarely exhibited elsewhere.



Jurgis Tarabilda is a graduate of the sculpture department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, presenting his work both in Lithuania and abroad. in 2017 Jurgis Tarabilda’s work was awarded the audience prize in the „Young Painter’s Prize“ competition, and in 2020 the creator was chosen by the audience as the best artist at the ArtVilnius’20 art fair. Jurgis, who is presenting his 6th personal exhibition this year, works on various artistic projects and has received international recognition.

Jurgis Tarabilda’s works have been acquired by the MO Museum and private collectors from Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Israel, the USA, Estonia and the United Kingdom. The artist’s work was also successfully presented at the contemporary art fairs „viennacontemporary“ in Austria, „Positions Berlin“ in Germany, „ArtVilnius“ in Lithuania.

The exhibition is part of the program of the contemporary art and fashion festival „Virus’27“.

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