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Mother's Day concert "Wings of Kindness"


April 25, 6 p.m. The traditional Mother's Day concert "Wings of Kindness" will be held in the Great Concert Hall of Šiauliai Cultural Center (Aušros al. 31).

The event will feature the concert organizer "Aušrelė" of the Šiauliai Cultural Center choreography studio (artistic directors Mindaugas Kosaitis, Vita Adomėnaitė-Butnorienė, accompanist Maksas Perepečkinas, cultural activities manager Zita Mundinienė) and the guests "Šēltinis" folk dance ensemble of children and youth of the city of Šiauliai's Jovaras pro-gymnasium and Didždvaris gymnasium. " (artistic directors Violeta and Romualdas Laugaliai, Greta Šveikauskaitė), children's and youth folklore ensemble "Vieversėlis" of the Šiauliai School of Music School (director Arūnas Stankus).

Duration of the event: ~1 hour 30 minutes

The organizer - Šiauliai Cultural Center.

*discount is given to schoolchildren, students, pensioners who have submitted a LR, EU or international ISIC certificate, European youth card; for a preschool age child; for a pupil of a children's care home; for a resident of a family home; for a disabled person; for the group of socially disadvantaged students who submitted the list.
100 percent a discount is given to a disabled person who needs the help of an accompanying person (1 person) and an accompanying person (pre-registration is required).