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2024 February 23 - March 16 in the Šiauliai art gallery, the exhibition of the work of the painter Lukas Marciulevičius "Conversation with...." is open. The exhibition will be open until March 16.

The exhibition opens on February 23, at 5:00 p.m. Visiting the exhibition during the opening is free.



The paintings exhibited in the exhibition are the result of my fantasy, dreams, intuition and long-term recording of my environment. Each depicted motif has a basis in the real world, but in my paintings I do not seek to reproduce the images around me, but I look for ways to discover the similarity between the stroke on the picture plane and the depicted object. Any style of painting requires a certain abstraction, even in hyperrealism – the complexity of the structure of paintings is finite, and the complexity of the depicted reality is infinite. So the question arises, how to depict reality? Where to put the point in abstracting the visible image?

In the modernist tradition, artists did not confuse nature with painting. Nature is observed, but not copied – it is expressed in the painting by signs that we discover by closely observing the world around us. If the found sign in the painting is done successfully, then the painting will be successful. I am guided by this principle in painting – I abstract space and objects to a flat form and color harmony. The horizon turns into a line separating areas of two colors. Everything that is not necessary to reveal the essence of the motive is rejected. Through the play of colors, shapes and sizes, I create a calm and stabilized reality of the picture, which is a distant echo of the world around me. The title of the exhibition answers the question: ‘Where does the sign come from, where does the painting begin? – From the conversation with…

– Lukas Marciulevičius



Lukas Marciulevičius (b. 1994) is a young generation painter who lives and works in Kaunas. in 2019 He obtained a bachelor’s degree in painting at the Kaunas Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Painting is considered an essential and irreplaceable way of expression. From 2018 Lukas participates in exhibitions of young artists, presented his work in 10 group exhibitions, organized 2 solo exhibitions.


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Exhibition curator – Jovita Aukštikalnytė-Varkulevičienė.

The partner of the exhibition is “THE ROOM” gallery in Vilnius.