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In 2024 April 19 - May 4 the Šiauliai art gallery will host the painting exhibition "MYSTIC" by the artist Virginijas Šimoliūnas from Šiauliai.


Exhibition opens on Friday, April 19, at 5:00 p.m. Admission is free during the opening of the exhibition.



Virginijus Šimoliūnas (born July 25, 1951 in Kelmė) - Lithuanian artist, painter, teacher. 1974 graduated from Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute. Since 1974 Designer of the Vilnius factory "Elfa", he designed tape recorders "Tonika 10", "Inkaras". Later, the designer of Šiauliai TV factory. Since 1980 Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute (since 1997 Šiauliai University) lecturer, associate professor, Faculty of Arts, Department of Design. "Gražina Design Studio", designer of "SSP group". Since 1992 Member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists. Since 1979 participates in city, national and international exhibitions. Organized about fourteen personal exhibitions. The artist's works can be found in prestigious interiors in Lithuania and abroad. Recently works in the field of graphic design. More important works: created the corporate style of the companies "Venta", "Arkada", "Liumenas", visual advertising of the stores "Elva", "Women's clothing", painted the paintings "Jūra" (1983), "Poza ototogoms" (1992 ), "The Cross" (1992), etc. Virginijus Šimoliūnas is a regular participant of the annual exhibition of artists from Šiauliai, so the people of Šiauliai are well aware of his graphic, surrealist paintings with subtle nuances.

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Dear visitors, when participating in exhibition openings, you do not mind that they can be filmed or photographed, and their photos are published on the Šiauliai Art Gallery’s website, in the media or on social networks.